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Rachel Grieder

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Tanya Horst

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Account Manager

Brew Pups

Pixie Wide


"Little Miss Pixie Pie"
She is the VP of Wags and Licks here at CedarBrew. When she's not napping (which she does often), she enjoys long walks, chasing squirrels, and playing with her favorite squeaky toy, Piggy.

Favorite Style: India Tale Ales Favorite Beer: HeineSniff'N Premium Ale


"Neapolitan Nose"
Brewer is the the youngest member of our team. He's still getting his paws wet! He hates walks but loves his people (and his little people's binkies!)

Favorite Style: All Favorite Beer: Whatever his mom is drinking at the time.


"Mr. Bane"
Bane is the bane of mommy's existence. He is the Head Agility Trainer for CedarBrew. Mr. Bane likes to harass his kitty sisters, play with his German Shepard brother, eat, sleep, and jump all over the place. His mommy says he tends to eat things that don't digest well, which is always fun for her!

Favorite Style: Imperial Snout Favorite Beer: Roak Brewing Devil Dog


Huey is the Director of First Impressions here at Cedar. He joind the team in April 2020 as a rescue from Georgia, and is learning to love his people more every day. He comes to work with a great attitude, greeting every employee with his big soulful eyes, his long floppy ears, and his paw that is asking for his good boy treat.

Favorite Style: India Tale Ale Favorite Beer: Black Lab Milk Snout
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Favorite Style: Bowser Beer Favorite Beer: Cock a Doodle Brew
Patches pic


Hi! I'm Patch and I'm my hooooman mom's sixth child! I'm a rescue pup, a mix of Pit Bull Terrier, American Staffordshire Terrier, and Siberian Husky! I love my fam, my toys, treats, and playing.

Favorite Style: Imperial Snout Favorite Beer: Bark Brew Beef Ale